eBookMan Desktop Manager

eBookMan Desktop Manager

This program allows your PC to communicate with eBookMan device
1.16.0812 (See all)

eBookMan Desktop Manager is PC software. This program allows your PC to communicate with eBookMan device (multimedia content player). You can easily transfer various content as well as applications. This program enables you to download electronic and audio books, music, any MP3, HTML, text file or PDB, synchronize between manager and Microsoft Outlook, copy files. It provides you access to Franklin and other partners’ websites, where you can find different information for your eBookMan device. The eBookMan Desktop Manager interface has two views: Connection and Content. You can see the Connection view when you start up the program. You can switch between these two views using the icon on the Toolbar. Using the File menu you can copy, delete unwanted content, send information to PC and to eBookMan, move to Library folder and so on. From the Web menu you can download applications, visit eBookMan home page, get tech support for the program, and purchase titles. Besides, there is Intellisync software, which helps to exchange the information between PC organizer (Microsoft Outlook) and eBookMan organizer (Date Book). In addition, there is a built-in Mobipocket Web Companion program that publishers and transfers e-documents to eBookMan device.

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